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Address:No.117-6, Meiyu Road, Meicun, Wuxi New District, Jiangsu Province P.R. China 214112
Contact: Mr. Brian Qian
Cell phone: 13812063829 
Phone: 0510 -81157592 
Fax 0510 -81157590 
E-mail: qianfs@chiantech.com 
Http :/ / www.chiantech.com
Company Profile
       Wuxi Chian Technology Co., Ltd was established since 2011, the company focused on precision plastic tool design and fabrication, precision plastic injection and assembly of products. With advanced mould fabrication equipment and injection equipment to provide better quality and precision plastic products. We have a team of experienced professionals to led the company to a greater height in product quality and customers satisfaction. 
Precision Plastic Products



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Address: Wuxi New District Meicun Mayo Road 117, No. 6 plant Contact: Mr. Qian Mobile: 13812063829 Fax 0510 -81,157,590 苏ICP备12007898号-1
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